Recovery services

Recovery Services

$199 per appointment + Local Delivery

You've lost something that means the world to you, and you want to find it. Whether it's a ring, jewelry, phone, or something else, replacement is a last resort.

You could rent a metal detector, but that's not the best option for everyone.

What if you know you'll give up out of frustration? Or technology just isn't your cup of tea? Or you can use a metal detector, but you don't have the time?

You can book an appointment with our metal detecting experts to do the detecting for you.

Leverage Our Experience: We have an 83% success rate, and the combined experience of many recoveries. You can trust that we have the skills to make finding your lost item a reality.

We Handle Everything: We take care of everything. From choosing the right equipment, to mastering the art and science of search techniques, we have it handled.

Convenient Appointments: Book a Recovery Services appointment online, by phone, text, or live chat. Appointments are available 7 days a week.

Book Your Appointment

If you are looking for a ring or jewelry, be as descriptive as you can. Is it gold, platinum, silver? Is the band thin or thick? Where did you lose it? The more you can tell us, the better your chances are of recovery.
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Recoveries By The Numbers

With 5 years of combined experience, an 83% success rate, and many successful recoveries, you can trust in our metal detecting service to make finding what you've lost achievable.

5 Years Experience

83% Success Rate

89 Recoveries To Date

Where We Search

This isn't an exhaustive list, so if you've lost something in a ~where~ that isn't listed here, tell us about it.

Yards, private property, parking lots, driveways, etc.

Metal detectors often won't work well indoors, so we'll search item by item, and room by room.

With a trained eye, and a top to bottom search, we can coax a ring out of whatever car crevice it fell into.

Gardens and Parks
With a trained eye, and a top to bottom search, we can coax a ring out of whatever car crevice it fell into.

Golf Courses
Lose your ring somewhere between a certain tree and a sand bunker? We'll look for it.

Volleyball Courts
Lost your ring in a sand volleyball court? No problem. If it's there, we'll fetch it.

What We Search For

Lost Rings
Whether your ring is gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or tungsten, we'll comb the area until we find it or come up empty-handed.

From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and pendants, we can search for your lost jewelry.

Property Markers
Using a magnetic locator and boundary data, we'll locate your property markers.

Lost your keys in snow or leaves? We'll search the area for them.

Lost your phone in the park or snow? We'll work to recover it for you.

Nails and Screws
We'll methodically comb your yard for nails and screws to keep your kids and pets safe.

Search Techniques

By combining a mastery of search techniques with an understanding of how items are lost, we maximize our potential for a successful recovery.

1. Determine Search Area
By reconstructing how you lost it, we can determine an appropriate search area.

2. Grid Pattern
We divide the search area into an imaginary grid, and search along the gridlines.

3. Sweep Overlap
By overlapping our coil sweeps, we cover as close to 100% of the area as possible.