Metal detector available for rent

Multi-Purpose Metal Detector Rental

Model: Garrett ACE 300

$35 per day + Local Delivery (pickup included)

Did you lose your phone, keys, a ring, or jewelry? Find it (before someone else does) with a multi-purpose metal detector rental.

Save 15% by renting for 2+ days, and 25% with a weekly rental.

Convenient: Book your rental online, by phone, text, email, or live chat. Same-day rentals available daily.

Tailored Service: We take the stress and frustration out of the equation. Because we tailor our equipment to your needs, and distill years of experience into easy-to-understand guided instruction, there's less of a learning curve.

Delivered: We only offer rentals by delivery, so you don't need to stress out about hurrying across town to pickup a rental during business hours. You don't need to stress about remembering everything the person at the rental place told you while driving all the way home. Just focus on finding it.

After-Hours Support: By providing encouragement and support, we maximize your potential for a successful recovery. We believe in you.

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If you are looking for a ring or jewelry, be as descriptive as you can. Is it gold, platinum, silver? A men's or women's band? Where did you lose it? The more you can tell us, the better your chances are of finding it.
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"I lost my engagement ring in Commons Park on a Saturday evening. Being from out of state, I was in a rush to locate my ring before my flight the next morning. I called Metro Metal Detectors and left a (very distraught) voicemail explaining my situation and also filled out the form on their website.

They called me back within thirty minutes on a Saturday night and then delivered the metal detector to my AirBnB in Denver within an hour. They explained how the machine worked, and even showed me how it would respond to jewelry by showing me with an earring. I found my ring IN THE DARK that same night. I called and they returned to my AirBnB to pick up the metal detector that night, too.

Honestly, I never even imagined that such a service existed. But I am SO thankful that it does."

Use Cases

Our multi-purpose metal detector rentals are ideal for finding many things. From lost rings and keys, to phones, hearing aids, or nails and screws, you can find them with a metal detector.

Searching for property markers? You'll have a much easier time with a Magnetic Locator Rental.

Looking in tight spaces? Not a problem—we'll swap out the standard search coil for a 4.5" (11cm) model. And, we'll include a pin-pointer for searching spaces as small as 2" (5cm).

Is your lost ring small or a thin band? Is it made of a less-conductive metal like platinum, titanium, or gold? If so, we recommend our Waterproof Metal Detector Rental. Operating at a higher frequency, it can help you find less conductive metals and smaller items.

Rings This detector is best suited to steel, silver, and large-sized gold, platinum, and titanium rings.

Keys Lost your keys in snow or leaves? A metal detector can make finding them easier.

Glasses Lose your glasses somewhere? Rent a metal detector to search for them.

Skis One of your skis left your feet. If they're metal, a metal detector can help you find them faster.

Silver CoinsIf your parents buried coins all over their yard, a metal detector can help you find them.

Hearing Aids Hearing-aid replacements can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Nails and Screws Contractors leave nails and screws everywhere? Find them faster than you can by hand.

Buried TreasureLooking for buried treasure? Rent a treasure-hunting metal detector.

Other ThingsYou tell us. If you're looking for anything metal, we probably have a tool to help you find it.

A Tailored Experience

At Metro Metal Detectors, you're not just renting equipment. You're partnering with a company committed to helping you find what you've lost. With years of experience in finding lost objects, our knowledge and insights are yours to take advantage of.

While a metal detector can seem overwhelming if you’ve never used one before, we’ve simplified it. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of detecting in about two minutes.

We distill a "steep learning curve" into simple concepts through hands-on instruction. By customizing search settings to suit your needs, we maximize your chances of success. And if you need help, we're available by text, phone, and live chat.

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