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Multi-Purpose Metal Detector

Metal detector available for rent

Lightweight, easy-to-use, and ideal for finding medium to large rings, jewelry, phones, keys, hearing aids, and other things.

$35 per day + Delivery

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A Metal Detector With Many Uses

For just $35 per day + Delivery, we'll deliver a metal detector rental directly to you. We're based in Denver and Colorado Springs, but deliver our rentals anywhere along Colorado's Front Range.

We'll provide you with hands-on guided instruction, customize the detector's discrimination settings to suit your particular use, and answer any questions you may have. Then, you'll be on your way to looking for what you've lost.

The next day, we'll return to pick up your rental. And if you need help, we're always just a call or text away.

If your lost ring is small to medium-sized, a thinner band, or made of platinum, titanium, or gold, we recommend our waterproof All Terrain Metal Detector Rental. It operates at a higher frequency, making it easier to find smaller rings and those made of less conductive metals.

Available On-Demand

We believe that renting a metal detector should be as easy and convenient as getting your groceries or dinner delivered. That's why we have 24/7 online booking, and the option to book your rental by phone, text, email, or instant message. And we're available 7 days a week.

Depending on when you place your order (and where you're located), we may be able to get a metal detector rental delivered to you in as little as two hours.(1) Otherwise, you're welcome to schedule a rental as far ahead as you would like.

So whenever you've lost something, know that we're here to help you find it.

To Help You Find Things

We've provided metal detector rentals to people searching for all sorts of things: wedding and engagement rings, keys, skis, smartphones, coins, nails/screws, buried treasure, and more.

Rings This detector is best suited to steel, silver, and large-sized gold, platinum, and titanium rings.

Keys If your keys are in leaves, snow, or tall grass, a metal detector can make finding them easier.

Headphones / Airpods Lose your high-end headphones or Airpods? Rent a metal detector to search for them.

Skis One of your skis left your feet. If they're metal, a metal detector can help you find them faster.

Silver CoinsIf your parents buried coins all over their yard, a metal detector can help you find them.

Hearing Aids Hearing-aid replacements can be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Nails and Screws Contractors leave nails and screws everywhere? Find them faster than you can by hand.

Buried TreasureLooking for Forrest Fenn's buried treasure? Rent a treasure-hunting metal detector.

Other ThingsYou tell us. If you're looking for anything metal, we probably have a tool to help you find it.

"I lost my engagement ring in Commons Park on a Saturday evening. Being from out of state, I was in a rush to locate my ring before my flight the next morning. I called Metro Metal Detectors and left a (very distraught) voicemail explaining my situation and also filled out the form on their website.

They called me back within thirty minutes on a Saturday night and then delivered the metal detector to my AirBnB in Denver within an hour. They explained how the machine worked, and even showed me how it would respond to jewelry by showing me with an earring. I found my ring IN THE DARK that same night. I called and they returned to my AirBnB to pick up the metal detector that night, too.

Honestly, I never even imagined that such a service existed. But I am SO thankful that it does."

Shelby on Yelp

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1 Actual delivery time varies based on product and market availability, customer demand and delivery location, and the date and time at which an order is placed. Delivery date may vary based on aforementioned conditions. We will do our best to honor your preferred delivery time, but it may not always be possible.
2 Available hours vary by field team location.