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Magnetic Locator Rental

Model: Schonstedt GA-92xtd

$79 per day + Local Delivery

Whether you're looking for property markers, buried sprinkler heads, curb stops, or cast iron pipes, a magnetic locator is the tool you need.

Outside of Denver? Get a magnetic locator rental delivered directly to you with National Shipping.

Locate Property Markers: A magnetic locator only detects iron and steel, so you can find your property pins much more quickly than with a standard metal detector.

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How Do Local Rentals Work?

Our Magnetic Locator Rentals are currently available in the Denver and Boulder metro areas.

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What can you find?

Property Pins

Locate your property pins before putting up a fence or to settle a dispute with a neighbor.

Cast Iron Pipes

Locate underground cast iron pipes up to 9' (2.74 m) deep.

Manhole Covers

Need to find a manhole cover buried under pavement or grass and dirt? You can locate it up to 9' (2.74 m) deep.

Water Valve Covers

Find the water service shutoff valve between your house and the street.

Water Wells

Locate buried steel water well casings up to 9' (2.74 m) deep, or steel well-pit covers up to 6' (1.8 m) deep.

Septic Tanks

Unsure where your septic tank is? Locate the steel handles on the lids of concrete tanks.

Fuel Tanks

Detect an abandoned fuel tank or steel drum buried beneath your property, up to 9' (2.74 m) deep.

Oil Wells

Locate abandoned or buried steel oil well casings up to 9' (2.74 m) deep.

Ammunition Boxes

Looking for treasure buried in a steel ammunition box? Find them up to 12' (3.6 m) deep.

Iron Meteorites

Since a magnetic locator only detects iron, it can help you hunt for these valuable chunks of iron meteors.


Whether you lost your gun while hunting, or are trying to find one to solve a crime, you can locate it up to 10" (25 cm) deep.

Barbed Wire

Abandoned barbed wire fencing can be a danger to livestock and people. Trace the buried wire with a magnetic locator.

" We had a great experience with Metro Metal Detectors. Knowledgeable staff were able to provide exactly the tool we needed for finding an underground property marker. They were communicative by text on the day of the rental, delivered it right to us, and even helped us find the marker. They were patient, kind and offered a ton of help. We were able to find what we needed, and they came to pick up the detector from a different location the next day. Friendly, easy to use, easy to book, communicative and helpful. Would absolutely recommend."

Catherine on Google

What is a Magnetic Locator?

A magnetic locator is a specialized type of metal detector. It only detects ferrous (magnetic) metals like iron and steel. Magnetic locators are designed to find property pins, cast iron pipes, septic tank lids, fuel tanks, and more.

Standard metal detectors can reach a depth of around 6 to 8" (20 cm). A magnetic locator, however, can detect objects buried up to 16′ (4.8 m) deep.

Property markers are between 4" to 12" (10 to 30 cm) deep. A septic tank lid can be up to 4′ (1.2 m) underground. Cast iron pipes can be a few inches to a few feet deep.

A magnetic locator won't detect other metals like gold, silver, and aluminum. You can locate objects as small and thin as nails, or as large as steel drums.

How does it work?

Buried iron and steel objects generate their own magnetic fields. These objects create distortion in the earth's natural magnetic field. A magnetic locator measures this distortion and represents it as a strong or weak signal.

When you're near an iron or steel object, the locator indicates the strength of the signal in three ways:

1. Number on the Screen A number is shown at the center of the screen. This number is a measurement of the magnetic field detected.

2. Bar Graph A bar graph extends either to the left or right. The graph is a visual indication of the magnetic field.

3. Changes in Sound
The locator emits a "scratchy" sound while it's turned on. As you near a magnetic field, this sound gets louder and higher-pitched.

Magnetic locator indicators

Together, these indicators tell you how near to a iron or steel object the locator may be.

The stronger the signal, the higher the number on the screen. As the signal increases, the graph extends further to the left or right. And, the sound increases in volume and pitch.

" Supplied the equipment and training for a novice like me to locate a buried fuel tank. Very helpful. "

Clayton on Google