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Magnetic Locator Rental

Metal detector available for rent

Looking for property markers / survey pins, propane lines, or other buried utilities? A magnetic locator is the tool you need.

Starting at $85 per day.

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What's a magnetic locator?

When the thing you need to find is deeper than 6-8 inches or it's made of iron or steel (think property markers / survey pins, well casings, gas and propane lines, septic tanks, etc.), a metal detector isn't the ideal tool for the task. It may get the job done, but the experience will be long and frustrating. The difficulty in using a metal detector for these cases is that they detect all kinds of metal—the kind you want—and the kind you don't.

Our magnetic locator rentals, on the other hand, only detect ferrous metals like iron and steel. You won't waste time digging holes at every signal, just to find bottle caps and other junk. A magnetic locator won’t detect copper, aluminum foil or any other kinds of metallic debris in the way of what you seek.

They're not affected by wood, mulch, concrete, or rocks (unless those rocks contain iron). And, they can be used in rain or snow because they're water-resistant.

When it finds an object, the locator shows a number, as well as a bar graph on its display. Both of these tell you how near to a ferrous object the locator may be. The stronger the magnetic signal, the higher the number, and further the graph extends across the screen. The locator also emits a continuous sound that gets louder and higher-pitched as it nears a magnetic signal.

How deep can a magnetic locator go?

A magnetic locator can locate an object from 4″ (10cm) to 15′ (4.5m) below the ground, depending on the size and depth of the object. The larger it is, the deeper it can be located.

Straightforward Rentals

For just $85 per day + Delivery, we'll deliver directly to you, wherever you are. Whether that's your home, office, or a job site.

Our Field Team Members will show you how to use the locator, and answer any questions you may have. We'll even provide a handy reference guide.

Then, you'll be on your way to looking for your property markers/survey pins, buried utility lines or any other iron things.

When you're finished, we'll return to pick up your rental. And if you need help, we're always just a call or text away.

Available On-Demand

If you need to find your property markers (or some other buried thing) ASAP, you can place an order for a magnetic locator rental online and have one in your hands in as little as two hours(1).

However, if you're not in a hurry, you can schedule as far ahead as you would like.

We're available 7 days a week.(2)

" It was easy to use, accurate, and only took about 30 minutes to find my property markers. "


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