Magnetic locator available for rent

Magnetic Locator Rental

Model: Schonstedt GA-92xtd

$75 per day + Local Delivery (pickup included)

Whether you're looking for property markers, buried sprinkler heads, curb stops, or cast iron pipes, a magnetic locator is the tool you need.

Save 15% by renting for 2+ days, and 25% with a weekly rental.

Locate Property Markers: A magnetic locator only detects iron and steel, so you can find your property pins much more quickly than with a standard metal detector.

Locate Cast Iron Pipes: Locate pipes and other objects up to 15' underground.

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What's a Magnetic Locator?

A magnetic locator is a specialized type of metal detector. It only detects ferrous (magnetic) metals like iron and steel. Magnetic locators are designed to find property pins, cast iron pipes, septic tank lids, and more.

Standard metal detectors have a maximum depth of around 6 to 8" (20 cm). A magnetic locator, however, can detect objects buried up to 16′ (4.8 m) deep.

Property markers are between 4" to 12" (10 to 30 cm) deep. A septic tank lid can be up to 4′ (1.2 m) underground. Cast iron pipes can be a few inches to a few feet deep.

A magnetic locator won't detect other metals like gold, silver, and aluminum. You can locate objects as small and thin as nails, or as large as steel drums.

How does it work?

Buried iron and steel objects generate their own magnetic fields. These objects create distortion in the earth's natural magnetic field. A magnetic locator measures this distortion and represents it as a strong or weak signal.

When it gets close to an object, the locator shows a number and a bar graph on its display that indicate the strength of the signal. It also emits a continuous sound that gets louder and higher-pitched as it nears a magnetic signal. Together, these tell you how near to a ferrous object the locator may be. The stronger the magnetic signal, the higher the number, and further the graph extends across the screen.

How deep can a magnetic locator go?

Depending on the sensitivity setting and the size and depth of the object, a magnetic locator can locate an object from just under the surface (2cm) to 15′ (4.5m) underground.

" It was easy to use, accurate, and only took about 30 minutes to find my property markers. "


Use Cases

From finding property markers and sprinkler heads, to aiding in the recovery of buried firearms in forensic investigations, magnetic locators have a wide variety of uses.

Property Markers Locate your property pins before putting up a fence or to settle a dispute with a neighbor.

Sprinkler Heads Easily locate the small steel springs and bolts inside sprinkler heads.

Water Valve Covers Find the water service shutoff valve between your house and the curb.

Natural Gas Lines Trace the black steel pipe used for buried gas lines, often two to three feet underground.

Well Casings A casing or setting is a steel pipe that stabilize the well and prevents outside contamination.

Septic Tanks Unsure where your septic tank is? Locate the steel handles on the lids of concrete tanks.

Fuel Tanks Detect an abandoned fuel tank buried somewhere beneath your property.

Meteorites Since they're mostly iron, a magnetic locator can make quick work of meteorite hunting.

Ammunition Boxes Find that long-lost buried treasure in a steel ammunition box.

Convenient On-Demand Rentals

For just $75 per day + Delivery, we'll deliver directly to you, wherever you are. Whether that's your home, office, or a job site. And there are discounts for multiple days.

And whether you need a magnetic locator in the morning, evening, or any time in between, you can place an order online or by phone and have one in your hands in as little as two hours(1). You can also schedule a rental as far ahead as you would like.

Our Field Team will show you how to use the locator, and answer any questions you may have. We'll even provide a handy reference guide that's tailored to your particular use (or the closest approximation).

Once we've wished you good luck, you'll be all set to start looking for your property markers, sprinkler heads, buried utilities or any other ferrous object. When you're finished, we'll return to pick up your rental.

And if you need help, we're always just a call or text away.

" You guys made it so easy and convenient. Everything I needed. I just used the locator and it took me right to my sprinkler heads in time for the landscapers to aerate my yard."