Waterproof treasure hunting metal detectors for the serious coin, relic, or gold hunter.

Waterproof Metal Detector Rental

Model: Garrett AT Pro

$55 per day + Local Delivery (pickup included)

A waterproof professional-grade metal detector for finding gold, platinum, and titanium rings, earrings, and other small objects.

Tailored Service: We take the stress and frustration out of the equation. By tailoring our waterproof metal detector rental to your needs, and distilling years of experience into easy-to-understand guided instruction, we maximize your potential for success.

Waterproof: Fully submersible to 10' (3 m), this metal detector can be used underwater in lakes, rivers, streams, and pools.

Professional Grade: 52 levels of discrimination between metals and a higher operating frequency mean that you can easily detect gold, platinum, and titanium.

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If you are looking for a ring or jewelry, be as descriptive as you can. Is it gold, platinum, silver? A men's or women's band? Where did you lose it? The more you can tell us, the better your chances are of finding it.
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"I was desperate to find an expensive heirloom ring that I lost in the grass. Instead of purchasing a metal detector—I was thrilled to be able to rent one and have it conveniently delivered. They were wonderful in teaching me how to use it. Within two hours I found my ring!"

Joanna on Google

Professional Grade Features

Are you looking for a gold, platinum, or titanium ring or earring? Or need to search in a river or lake? You'll need a metal detector with professional-grade features.

Our waterproof metal detector rental is submersible to 10' (3 m). It operates at a 15 kHz frequency, which is double that of our multi-purpose rental. This higher frequency means you can detect less conductive metals—like gold, platinum and titanium.

There are 52 levels of discrimination, so that you can hone in on just the types of metal you're trying to find. And with optional search coils, you can detect metal objects up to 24" (0.61 m) deep.

Higher Frequency With a 15 kHz frequency, you can find rings, earrings and small objects made from less conductive metals like gold, platinum, and titanium.

WaterproofSealed from the elements, these metal detectors are waterproof to 10 feet (3 m). Search in lakes, rivers and streams, or under torrential rain.

Target ID A numbered (0-99) scale and audio-based Target ID system means you'll spend less time digging trash.

Discrimination With 52 segments of notch discrimination between metals, you can hone in on just what you're searching for.

Ground BalancingTip the scales in your favor with automatic or manual ground balancing to adjust for mineralized soil.

Pinpointing Use the detector's built-in pinpointing feature to precisely locate a detected object.

"We were able to locate a very important piece of farm equipment that was hidden under straw. It would have been like finding a needle in a haystack without your help!"

Charles on Google

Use Cases

If you're searching for a ring, this is the metal detector rental for you. It's capable of detecting gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and any other metal your ring may be made from. It can search in your yard, on a mountain, or up to 10' (3 m) underwater.

And if you're looking for gold nuggets or buried treasure, you can detect twice as deep and more accurately than our Multi-Purpose Metal Detector Rental.

Gold Rings White gold, yellow gold, or rose gold rings are all detectable with this metal detector.

Platinum Rings Find these rings that are durable, hypoallergenic, and can last a lifetime.

Titanium RingsLocate a titanium wedding band or ring with this detector.

Tungsten RingsTungsten is a strong, scratch-resistent material that many wedding bands are made from.

Palladium RingsThis metal detector can help you find a lost palladium wedding ring.

Silver RingsLose a silver ring or bracelet? You can find it with this rental.

Earring icon

Earrings Whether you've lost a stud, dangle, teardrop, or hoop earring, you can find it with this metal detector.

Gold nugget icon

Gold Nuggets Designed for all terrain and operating at a 15 kHz frequency, you can detect gold nuggets with this rental.

buried treasure icon

Buried TreasureLooking for buried treasure? This detector can help you find it, up to 18" (20 cm) underground.

GoPro icon

GoPro Cameras Much like a phone, you can locate your lost GoPro in snow or underwater.

Accessories Included

Whether you need a specialized search coil, a pinpointer, or headphones, accessories are included with your waterproof metal detector rental.

search coils icon

Search Coils 4.5" concentric and 8.5" x 11" waterproof search coils are available, depending on your needs.

pinpointers icon

Pinpointers These waterproof hand-held metal detectors help you hone in on what you're searching for.

headphones icon

Waterproof Headphones Detecting in noisy areas or prefer to keep your signals to yourself? Headphones can help.