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All Terrain Metal Detector

Waterproof treasure hunting metal detectors for the serious coin, relic, or gold hunter.

Waterproof and meant for use in rugged terrain, these metal detectors have advanced features for serious treasure hunters. They operate at a higher frequency, which makes it easier to find small targets like earrings and gold nuggets.

$55 per day + Delivery

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A More Advanced Metal Detector

Our standard metal detector rentals are mid-range, multi-purpose machines—great for finding lost rings, keys, phones, hearing aids, roofing nails, etc. But when you're trying to find tiny targets like earrings and gold nuggets, or you're searching in wet, rugged terrain, you may need a more advanced metal detector. One with professional-grade features and all-terrain versatility.

Higher Frequency

These models operate at a higher 15kHz frequency, which makes it easier to find small targets like earrings, and metals that are less conductive (gold nuggets, for instance). However, higher frequency detectors are more sensitive to ground mineralization, so a built-in ground balancing feature allows you to adjust for highly mineralized soils.


With 40 levels of iron discrimination (and 12 segments of notch discrimination), you can quickly fine-tune the detector to hone in on just what you're looking for. And a Target ID system provides you with a more precise indication of what exactly the metal detector is detecting.

All Terrain Versatility

Sealed from the elements, our all-terrain detectors can find treasure in any weather. With a control housing and searchcoil that are fully submersible and waterproof to 10 feet, you can search in rivers and streams, under torrential rain, or in dusty deserts with confidence.

Delivered To You

For just $55 per day + Delivery, we'll deliver an All Terrain treasure-hunting metal detector rental directly to you, anywhere along the Front Range.

Our Field Team will provide guided instruction on using the metal detector, and answer any questions you may have. Then, you'll be all set to start your search.

When you're finished, we'll return to pick up your rental. And if you need help, we're always just a call or text away.

Find More Buried Treasure

Whether you're on the hunt for tiny jewelry, coins, relics, gold nuggets, or Forrest Fenn's treasure, our professional-grade All Terrain Metal Detectors have the features you need.

Higher Frequency An adjustable 15kHz frequency makes it easier to find smaller and less conductive targets, like gold nuggets.

Waterproof Don't let hellish weather or high water stop you from finding treasure. These detectors are submersible up to 10 feet.

Target ID A visual numeric (0-99) scale and audio-based Target ID system means you'll spend less time digging trash.

Discrimination With 40+ levels of iron discrimination and 12 segments of notch discrmination, you can hone in on specific targets.

Ground BalancingTip the scales in your favor with automatic or manual ground balancing to adjust for highly mineralized soil.

Pinpointing Precisely locate a detected object using the metal detector's built-in pinpointing feature.


Rentals include $200 worth of accessories for the duration of your rental period: a waterproof pinpointer, waterproof headphones, and a serrated-edge digging tool.

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