We’re a delivery-oriented metal detector rental service, with an emphasis on service. We’re creating a kind, gentle, and comprehensive customer experience to help people find what they’re looking for. 

Our customers have lost things that are important to them—rings, jewelry, keys, phones. Or, they’re looking for property markers, buried pipes, and things of that nature. 

We run our business differently than most companies. We’re fully remote and distributed, meaning that we don’t have retail stores. 

  • We believe in paying a living wage rather than paying rent for a store. 
  • We believe in paying attention to the needs and observations of our front-line employees.
  • We believe in treating everyone with the respect that all human beings deserve. 

We’re constantly evolving and iterating what we do, to do it better. To be more inclusive. And to provide more successful outcomes for our customers.

We practice self-management and open-book management. 

  • This means you’re effectively in charge of how you work, within our way of doing things. If you figure out a better way of doing things, we’ll incorporate it in. 
  • We’re definitely not going to micromanage you. 
  • You’ll gain an understanding of how the work you do fits into the bigger picture. You’ll know how much money we’re bringing in, what our expenses are like, and how much everyone is paid. 

Our Vision

We want to be the metal detector rental service. Full stop. Our vision is to be in every major metropolitan area in the United States, so that everyone can have equitable access to the opportunity to find what they’re looking for. 

This year, we’re expanding into Recovery Services, where we provide the option of doing the metal detecting for our customers. And, we’re launching National Shipping, where we ship select rentals nationwide, so that we can reach our customers where they are now. 

Hiring Process

  • Application Review
    We'll read through your application and let you know either way, whether we're moving forward or not.
  • Video Call
    You'll have a short video call with the hiring manager for the position to get to know you beyond your resume.
  • Small Paid Project
    You'll receive a small paid project that is relevant to the sorts of tasks you'd be doing, if hired.
  • Reference Check
    We'll ask to talk with three of your references.
  • We Make an Offer
    If we believe you're the best addition to our team, we'll make an offer.

Available Positions

What You’ll Be Doing

Phone Sales
A typical call from a customer goes something like this:

  • They’ve lost something, and they’re looking to rent a metal detector. Since that’s all we do, they’re in the right place.
  • We ask meaningful questions about what they’ve lost and where / how they lost it. These questions help us determine which rental would best suit their needs, and if any accessories we have might be helpful.
  • We’ll ask for their address to calculate a price with delivery. If that sounds good to them, we fill out an order entry form with their information to get them scheduled for a delivery date and time. We can take payment over the phone or when we deliver.
  • They’ll receive an order confirmation email, and we’ll receive a new order notification.

Otherwise, we get all sorts of metal-detector related calls (and texts). For those, we have an ever-growing internal knowledge base that you can search while you’re on the call. Or there’s always Google.

From providing general information to business hours, we aim to be helpful whether their request is something we can specifically help with or not. We’re straightforward and honest, and don’t want to waste someone’s time or money if the thing they’re looking for can’t be found with the equipment we have available.

Phone Support
Existing customers may need help with a rental they have, or may need to cancel their order and get a refund. Other people may call with questions about equipment we don’t have, but we’ll do our best to help them anyway.

Deliveries and Pickups

As a delivery-oriented rental service, we deliver metal detectors to our customers, then we pick them up when their rental is over.


  • You'll receive order notification emails for rental orders placed in and around Colorado Springs.
  • Prepare the equipment for delivery by charging the batteries, customizing the settings for the customer’s particular use case, and cleaning/sanitizing it.
  • Deliver within the scheduled date and time window.
  • Demonstrate how the metal detector works by providing a tutorial that covers the basics.
  • If payment is required on delivery, take payment by credit or debit card.
  • Answer any questions they may have, and wish them luck.


  • Pickup within the coordinated date and time window.
  • Ask the customer how it went, and mark the order as completed using a simple form.
  • Clean and sanitize the equipment when you get home, and store it until the next delivery.
  • Inspect the equipment for damage (all things break eventually), and request replacement parts as needed.

Who We're Looking For

Above all, we’re looking for someone kind and empathetic that enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. We don’t expect you to have any experience in metal detecting, specifically. As long as you’ve got an eye (and ear) for details, a love of learning miscellaneous facts and concepts, and are comfortable with autonomy, you’ll fit in just fine.

This is a very part-time job, with no guaranteed hours. There’s no set schedule.

There will be weeks with no orders, and there will be days with 3-5 orders, so this position is ideal for someone already doing their own thing, or a semi-retired person, stay-at-home parent, college student, etc. If you don’t fit those molds, but this seems like it fits your life, please apply.


  • Be 18 or over.
  • Be eligible to work in the United States.
  • Have a driver’s license, and proof of insurance.
  • You'll need a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle, as there's a lot of driving. You don’t need a truck or giant SUV.
  • Have consistent access to and ability to use a recent smartphone (iOS 9 / Android 10 or newer) with a data connection.
  • Be able to write in complete sentences, with good grammar and spelling.

How to Apply

To apply for any of our available positions, please use the form below.