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Q: What are your hours?
10am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday. We are closed on all federal holidays (and two weeks at the end of July for our summer break).

Q: Where do you ship to?
 We ship anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Q: What if UPS delivers my rental later than my estimated delivery date?
 Sometimes this happens. If your rental is delivered to you later than your scheduled delivery date, you'll still have it for your selected number of days. We’ll adjust your return date for you.

Q: How long is a One Day Rental?
Given the nature of shipping, we count days loosely. A one-day rental is more like a day and a half. Let's say yours is delivered at 10am on your Start Date, for instance. It's due back by the end of day on your End Date. In that case, you'd effectively get two full days. Most UPS deliveries happen around 4pm though, so most people effectively get 1.5 days.

Q: Are there discounts for multiple days?
Yes! If you rent a metal detector for multiple days, there are automatic discounts ranging from 10% to 30% off depending on how many days you choose.

Q: I only rented for one day but it turns out I need more time. Can I extend my rental?
Yep! You can extend your rental via Live Chat, or give us a call to extend your rental by phone. Just let us know how many more days you need, pay for them by credit or debit card, and we’ll get your rental extended. Easy-peasy.