We're committed to doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do.

To that end, we've taken a three-sided approach: purchasing refurbished equipment, using rechargeable batteries in our rentals, and investing in carbon offsets to counter the CO2 we generate.

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Refurbished Equipment

Whenever possible, we purchase refurbished metal detectors and magnetic locators, preventing unnecessary waste from production and packaging of new equipment.

Rechargeable Batteries

In our business, we replace the batteries in our rental equipment every day. From an economic standpoint alone, that adds up to thousands of dollars per year. Early on, we switched to lithium rechargeable batteries as a cost-saving measure, but in doing so, we're saving more than money.

Standard alkaline batteries are used once and then discarded. They can release harmful materials into the environment when they are left in a landfill. At the rate we replace them, switching to rechargeable AA and 9V batteries reduced our battery consumption by 98%.

These rechargeable batteries can be used approximately 2000 times before needing to be replaced, which means that they have an effective service life of 2-3 years, a 99.9% improvement over alkaline battery service life.

And when they can charge no more, we recycle our rechargeable batteries, which separates the individual chemical components and processes them into new products.

Carbon Offsets

Our Delivery Guides drive a lot, delivering rentals to our customers and picking them up.

All that driving generates at least 3T of CO2 per location. To counter this, we purchase carbon offsets from CarbonFund for each ton of carbon that our business operations create.

As a CarbonFree Partner, these offsets fund renewable energy and ecology projects throughout the United States.