About Us

Our mission is to be the most human-centered, helpful, and accessible metal detector rental service in the United States.

Through our Local Rentals and National Shipping, we reunite you with what you've lost, andĀ help you find what you're searching for.


The work we do matters. But what we do with the fruits of that work says more about who we are than the work itself.

So, we donate one-third of our profits to help people find things that aren't made of metal. Things that are hard to find in a country with few social safety nets.

Housing, food security, a good dentist.


Whether part-time or full-time, we pay every one of our employees a thriving wage. Not just living—thriving. With a 4:1 pay ratio and transparent bonus structure, we ensure that everyone is compenstated equitably for their work.

We provide a comprehensive benefits package to everyone. It aims to negate many of the money-related frustrations of living in a capitalist system.

At the end of each year, after paying our bills, we distribute one-third of our profits equally amongst all employees.


As a rental-oriented company, we are inherently more sustainable than the alternative. But we can do more.

In addition to using rechargeable batteries in every one of our rentals, each purchase plants a tree in the western United States through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

We operate as a carbon-neutral business by partnering with Cool Effect.