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About Us

Metro Metal Detectors provides on-demand metal detector rentals and magnetic locator rentals by delivery.

We’re a collective of people that are working together to help you find things. Whether you’ve lost your ring, smartphone or keys, or just want to try metal detecting for a weekend, we can help. 

Good People. Doing Good. 

Our company is structured to balance purpose and profit. We treat the interests of our customers, employees, the environment, and the communities in which we operate with equal standing. 


We rent equipment, but more importantly, we provide encouragement and a sense of empowerment to help you find what you've lost. We want to do whatever we can to make the process of renting a metal detector as straightforward and accessible as possible.

Whether or not you find what you're looking for, we transform feelings of helplessness and frustration into tasks and actions. The work we do matters, and we make a meaningful impact on the lives of people every day. 


Pay is capped at a 3:1 ratio, meaning that executive-level salaries will never be more than three times the rate at which entry-level employees are paid. We provide our employees a living wage, provide a comprehensive benefits package for those eligible, and a great deal of autonomy to work in ways that suit each individual person.


We purchase refurbished equipment when possible, use rechargeable batteries in all of our metal detectors and magnetic locators, and invest in carbon offsets to counter the CO2 we generate in our business operations. Read more about our environment practices.


As we grow, we intend to reinvest excess profits into the communities in which we work, through partnerships with impactful non-profit organizations.