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What’s It Worth: 50 State Quarters

The obverse and reverse sides of a proof 2006 Colorado State Quarter

I’ll lead this one off with a story. I used to work at a coin shop. We’ll call it Coin Land from here on out,  because whenever I refer to anywhere I’ve worked, I take the general theme of the place and tack ‘Land’ onto the end, turning into an amusement park—life’s more fun that way.

One day in Coin Land, a man came in, clearly excited about something. He said he found a silver coin from 1836, and wanted to know what it was worth.

Now I was no numismatic expert, but what he was holding was an Arkansas State Quarter. The way he was holding it, his thumb covered the ‘2003’ date at the bottom. I held it in a way that covered the ‘1836’ part and showed it to him while explaining that it’s a state quarter from 2003, and the excitement in his eyes quickly turned to disappointment. Another day, another dream dashed.

At some point while metal detecting, you will run into at least one state quarter. There were more than 34 billion state quarters released into circulation, making them fairly common. However, there are a couple instances in which certain varieties of the 50 state quarters are worth much more than face value. Read on to find out more. Continue reading What’s It Worth: 50 State Quarters