What Are the Best Rechargeable Batteries to Use with a Metal Detector?

What Are the Best Rechargeable Batteries to Use with a Metal Detector?
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If your metal detector uses AA or 9V batteries, you know that the cost of replacements can quickly add up.

One 4-pack of single-use AA alkaline batteries runs about $6. That’ll get you 8 to 14 hours of detecting time. If you’re going out every weekend, in a year you’ll spend about $300 just on batteries.

You may be wondering whether you can use rechargeable batteries instead of single-use alkaline ones. The good news is, you can!

But not just any rechargeable battery will do. Some cheap batteries won’t hold a charge, while others don’t deliver enough power to run your detector. In this article, we’ll dive in to the best rechargeable batteries for use in a metal detector.

Our picks are batteries that we use in our rentals every day. We know how well they work in real life situations and whether they hold up over time.

Eneloop AA Batteries

Panasonic manufactures the Eneloop brand of rechargeable batteries. These batteries use NiMH technology, a tried-and-true option. We’ve used them for five years with no noticeable decline in capacity, so they live up to the company's claim of 2100 charge cycles.

For $28 you get four AA batteries plus a quick charger. With the included charger, Eneloop AA batteries can be recharged in 2 to 3 hours. And you can also recharge AAA batteries with the same charger.

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Pale Blue, a company that manufactures our pick for rechargeable 9V batteries (below) also makes AA rechargeable batteries.

At $30 for a pack of four, they are slightly more expensive than Panasonic’s Eneloop batteries, but they don’t require a separate charger. On the other hand, Pale Blue’s batteries are lithium based (as opposed to the Eneloop’s older NiMH technology), so you get about half the number of charge cycles (1000 vs 2100).

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Pale Blue 9V Batteries

We’ve tried dozens of rechargeable 9V batteries, and most don’t deliver enough power to run a metal detector. However, one brand does, and it’s earned our recommendation.

Pale Blue 9V Rechargeable Batteries come in packs of 2 for $25, 4 for $45, or 6 for $65. These lithium batteries can be charged via MicroUSB or USB-C, and typically take one to two hours to fully charge.

The company claims that the batteries will last for 1000 charge cycles, though in our usage, the battery capacity is significantly degraded around 700 recharges.

As of late 2022, they do have a lifetime warranty, however.

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