Pinpointer Metal Detectors

Our customers often ask us if they need a pinpointer with their metal detector rental. In this post, we'll cover what a pinpointer is and determine whether or not it's something you absolutely need when metal detecting.

What is a pinpointer metal detector?

A pinpointer metal detector (also called a probe) is a handheld metal detecting tool that is used to more easily locate a target when digging. Once you've found a target with a full-size metal detector, and have dug a hole to look for it,  you can use it to get an exact location of the target within the hole, saving you time and effort.

Are there different kinds of pinpointers?

There are two main kinds. The most common is a handheld pinpointer, which is basically just a miniature metal detector. The point end contains a very small metal detector coil. When pointed at a metallic target, it beeps or vibrates when it detects metal. The closer the pinpointer is to the detected metal, the louder and more noticeable its beeps or vibrations become, guiding you directly to the target.

The second kind is one that is built-in to a standard metal detector. With the press of a button or trigger, some metal detector models, like the Garrett Ace 250, can enter pinpoint mode, which functions similarly to the handheld kind, albeit with less accuracy in tight spaces.

Do I need a pinpointer to go metal detecting?

If you're renting a metal detector to look for a lost ring, you won't necessarily need one, but it will make searching in deep grass easier. But for treasure and relic hunting, having a pinpointer on hand will save you time otherwise spent digging in what may or may not be the right spot. You'll have more fun, find more targets, and have more energy at the end of the day.