6 Best Places to Rent a Metal Detector in the United States

6 Best Places to Rent a Metal Detector in the United States

There are many reasons you might want to rent a metal detector. Perhaps you're looking for a lost ring, phone, or keys. Maybe you need to find your property pins or a buried cast iron pipe. Or you just want to get outside and see what treasures you can find.

Whatever your reason may be, finding somewhere to rent one isn't always easy. To help you in your search, we've compiled a list of the best places to rent a metal detector in the United States.

How much does it cost to rent a metal detector?

Prices nationwide range from $15 to $65 per day for a multi-purpose metal detector rental. More advanced and specialty metal detectors range from $45 to $95 per day.

Some companies require cash-only deposits, which can be prohibitively expensive. These deposit fees range from $100 to $500.

1. Metro Metal Detectors

Offering specialty metal detector rentals by mail, Metro Metal Detectors is one of few companies that rent magnetic locators (for finding property pins, cast iron pipes, septic tanks, etc.) 

Cost: $129 per day

2. Windy City Detectors

Located on the north side of Chicago, IL, Windy City Detectors has metal detector rentals available by appointment only. They offer a range of options including multi-purpose models, waterproof metal detectors, and specialized industrial machines.

Cost: $25 to $75 per day + deposit

3. Serious Detecting

Situated just outside Detroit in Ypsilanti, MI, Serious Detecting is one of just two options to rent a high-quality metal detector in the Midwest. They are open from 8:30am to 5pm on Monday to Friday.

Cost: $40 per day

4. A & B Prospecting Supplies

A & B Prospecting Supplies, located in the Phoenix metro area, has both multi-purpose and waterproof metal detector rentals available. Their store is open from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Cost: $35 per day

5. Metal Detecting Stuff

With multi-purpose, waterproof, and deep-sea diving detectors available for rent, Metal Detecting Stuff is located just outside Houston, TX in The Woodlands. They're open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Cost: $35 to $75 per day + $150 to $500 deposit

6. Lacey Metal Detectors

Located along the Jersey Shore in Bayville, NJ, Lacey Metal Detectors is the only metal detector rental option in the northeastern United States. They are open from 11am to 4pm on Tuesday to Saturday.

Cost: $65 per day + $200 deposit

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