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4 Places You Can Use a Metal Detector in Colorado

4 Places You Can Use a Metal Detector in Colorado

If you're interested in metal detecting for fun, you may have wondered where you can legally use a metal detector to search for coins, jewelry, and other lost artifacts. In this post, we'll cover four places you can use a metal detector in Colorado.

1. Your Backyard

Two Adirondack chairs in a backyard with plush grass

Private property is fair game for metal detecting, as long as its your own (or you have the permission of the property owner). If you live in an older house, you never know what you might find. There could be old silver coins, lost rings and other jewelry, vintage metal toys, and more.

2. City parks

Washington Park in Denver, CO

Also close to home, your local city parks are a great place to get your feet wet in metal detecting. You're likely to find coins, bits of aluminum foil, and discarded packaging, but you'll learn how to interpret the readings and sounds of your detector.

In Denver, Washington Park and City Park are popular places to go metal detecting.

3. National Forests

National Forest

Colorado is home to 11 national forests and two national grasslands. Metal detecting is generally allowed in national forests and other Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property, and you never know what you'll find. Some forests were once homestead sites, others have picnic areas, campgrounds and dispersed campsites; all of which are good places to bring a metal detector.

4. State parks

Colorado's State Forest State Park

Colorado has 41 state parks scattered across the state. Many have campsites and picnic areas, which are often a good place to start metal detecting in search of coins. Most of the state parks allow metal detecting, but as a rule, check with the Park Manager to see if there's anywhere in the park that's off limits to metal detectors.

Gary Iverson
Gary Iverson

Founder of Metro Metal Detectors.


  • I was told Denver banned detecting in any city park?

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