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Book online, via Live Chat, or by phone, and we'll deliver straight to you. We tailor the settings and provide hands-on instruction, then pick up 24 hours later. It's the most convenient way to rent a metal detector.

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We make renting a metal detector easy and convenient. Based in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, we take the hassle out of the equation.

Because we deliver straight to you, there's no need to waste your time driving somewhere. We'll handle the settings, guide you on search techniques, and come back to pick up your rental when you're finished.

Multi-Purpose Metal Detector Rental

Multi-Purpose Metal Detector

With a hands-on lesson and helpful features, a metal detector rental can help you find rings, keys, phones, and more.

$35 / day + Delivery

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Waterproof Metal Detector Rental

Waterproof Metal Detector

Fully waterproof (to 10'), with advanced features to more easily find thin platinum, titanium, and gold jewelry.

$55 / day + Delivery

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Magnetic Locator Rental

Magnetic Locator

Find property markers, water valve covers, pipes, and other iron or steel objects, up to 16' (4.8 m) underground.

$75 / day + Delivery

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In Four Simple Steps

Book Your Rental

Tell us what you're looking for (and where you're looking), and select a date and time for delivery.

We Deliver to You

Once we've received your order, a member of our Field Team will contact you to coordinate delivery.

The Search is On

We'll give you a hands-on lesson, answer any questions you may have, and wish you luck.

We Pick Up

24 hours later, we'll come back to pick up your rental.

Recovery Services

If you'd rather have us do the detecting, book a Recovery Services appointment with one of our metal detector experts.

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Delivery Locations

We deliver within 40 miles of Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

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Our Environmental Commitment

Rechargeable batteries icon

When possible, our rental equipment runs on high-capacity rechargeable batteries with a service life that is a 99.9% improvement over single-use batteries.

We've partnered with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Vermont, to plant one tree for each rental purchased.

Cool Effect logo

We've partnered with CoolEffect, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in California, to offset the CO2 we generate, allowing us to operate as a carbon-neutral business.

"I lost my engagement ring in Commons Park on a Saturday evening. Being from out of state, I was in a rush to locate my ring before my flight the next morning. I called Metro Metal Detectors and left a (very distraught) voicemail explaining my situation and also filled out the form on their website.

They called me back within thirty minutes on a Saturday night and then delivered the metal detector to my AirBnB in Denver within an hour. They explained how the machine worked, and even showed me how it would respond to jewelry by showing me with an earring. I found my ring IN THE DARK that same night. I called and they returned to my AirBnB to pick up the metal detector that night, too.

Honestly, I never even imagined that such a service existed. But I am SO thankful that it does."

Shelby on Yelp

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Metal Detector Rental

$35 + Delivery

  • Search for rings, keys, coins, etc.
  • Hands-on guided instruction
  • 24-hour rental
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Metal Detector Rental

$55 + Delivery

  • Search for earrings, gold nuggets, treasure
  • Waterproof, with professional-grade features
  • 24-hour rental
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Easy To Use
Magnetic Locator Rental

$75 + Delivery

  • Locate survey pins, septic tank lids, etc.
  • Hands-on guided instruction
  • 24-hour rental
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