Rent for One Day

$35.00 per night

If one of the following conditions applies to you, you may need to rent a metal detector for one day.

You lost your keys or skis
You were going somewhere, or doing something, and your keys/skis were just having none of it. So they went their own way, and got lost out there in the big, wide world, which means that now you need to find them.

You lost your phone
Phones are slippery and thin these days, so we understand if it just slid out of your hand and into a pile of leaves…or snow. Rent a metal detector and go find it. Those phones are expensive.

Your ring divorced your finger
Lost your wedding or engagement ring? Worried about how your spouse might react? Worry no more! Rent yourself a metal detector to search every square inch of that yard or park you think you lost it in—if you find it, no one needs to know. If not, at least you can say you put in your best effort, which has gotta get ya’ some points.

You need quarters for laundry, and would rather spend $35 to look for them than go to the bank

Bring a metal detector to a park or a friend’s backyard (or your backyard if you’ve got one), and spend the day searching for quarters and dimes and whatever coins you might find. You could break-even on the rental cost, or you might even turn a profit.

You’re looking for Forrest Fenn’s buried treasure (or any buried treasure, for that matter)

We’d personally recommend a multi-day rental for treasure hunting (it’s cheaper!), but maybe you’ve only got one day off…or you know exactly where it is.

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  • Ideal for assisting in finding survey stakes, property markers, flag pole holes, etc. Waterproof up to 10ft.

  • Searching in a noisy environment? Rent these headphones so there's nothing between you and your target.

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