Rent for Multiple Days

$30.00 per night

If one of the following conditions applies to you, you may need to rent a metal detector for two days. Or three. Or four.

You lost your keys (or skis) on a mountain
It takes a full day to get up and down most of those mountains, and you’re going to need some more time once you’re up there to find those keys or skis, so it’s a two-day rental for you.

You lost your phone somewhere far
We don’t exactly know how phones get lost, but hey, shit happens. Rent a metal detector and go find it. Those phones are expensive.

Your ring divorced your finger
Lost your wedding or engagement ring? Worried about how your spouse might react? Worry no more! Rent yourself a metal detector to search every square inch of that yard or park you think you lost it in—if you find it, no one needs to know. If not, at least you can say you put in your best effort.

You’re looking for buried treasure on a weekend
You’ve got two days to weekend-warrior your way into wealth and wisdom, or something like that. If you need more time, rent a metal detector a whole week.

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  • Helps you locate hard-to-find targets. Waterproof to 10 feet.

  • Searching in a noisy environment? Rent these headphones so there's nothing between you and your target.

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